Read The Hard Work Myth to discover the surprising truth behind why working harder is a complete waste of time.

The Hard Work Myth uncovers how the world's top entrepreneurs achieve so much, despite working less than the average business owner.

The book is also packed full of practical techniques you can use today to achieve dramatically more, without working a single extra hour.

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“Lashbrooke provides an instruction manual for being both successful and healthy. It's preventative medicine for burnout.”

Nir Eyal

Bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable


You're not alone. We're working harder than ever - in fact almost 50% of business owners clock up more than 50 hours a week in the pursuit of success, sacrificing quality time with their families for long hours in the office or at the laptop.

Why do we work so hard? From a young age, we're told that hard work equals success, but it's a myth. Throughout our lives, this myth is re-enforced on an almost daily basis by messages like: "Work Hard, Play Hard", "Go Heavy or Go Home" and "Work Hard, Dream Big".

The problem is, working harder doesn't work. That's why less than a third of the businesses started by hard-working business owners will survive long enough to see their 10th birthday.

It's time to stop working harder, and start working smarter. The Hard Work Myth will show you how.

During Covid-19, I'm giving away 1,000 copies of my book for free (it's $13.97 on Amazon). I'm asking for a small contribution towards the shipping cost.

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We've all got too much work, and not enough time to do it

In The Hard Work Myth, you'll discover how the world's most successful entrepreneurs, like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, achieve incredible success without working as hard as the rest of us.

You'll also learn:

  • Why working harder is a complete waste of time and isn't helping you achieve more
  • How to break the endless cycle of working harder and harder to get ahead
  • Proof that it's possible to build a successful business working less than 35 hours per week
  • How seemingly tiny changes could be the key to you achieving dramatically more
  • much more

During Covid-19, I'm giving away 1,000 copies of my book for free (it's $13.97 on Amazon). I'm asking for a small contribution towards the shipping cost.

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The hard work myth is so widespread that it's hard for most of us to believe that it's possible to achieve greatness without doing it through hard work.

The truth is that many millions of entrepreneurs work flat-out for years and years only to discover that it doesn't pay off.

Worse still, working too hard carries a serious set of hidden costs that cut deeply into your life. Multiple studies show that our obsession with hard work directly correlates with poor health, lower life expectancy and even higher divorce rates.

Perhaps most compelling of all, studies have shown if we over-work as parents it can wreak havoc on our children for the rest of their lives - directly impacting their relationships, self-esteem and overall satisfaction.

During Covid-19, I'm giving away 1,000 copies of my book for free (it's $13.97 on Amazon). I'm asking for a small contribution towards the shipping cost.

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"Working hard is failing you. Forbes contributor Barnaby Lashbrooke's latest book offers a fascinating insight into the lessons he learned from 100-hour weeks while getting his own business off the ground. The Hard Work Myth."

About Barnaby Lashbrooke

Barnaby Lashbrooke is an entrepreneur, author and investor. Barnaby has built two multi-million dollar businesses, with total revenues of $33,000,000, and is the CEO of virtual assistant service Time Etc, a job he loves, but to which he strictly devotes just 35-hours a week.

After suffering from crippling burnout for years, which damaged his mental and physical health, affected his personal relationships and threatened to derail his business, Barnaby realized he needed to make some dramatic changes in his life.

By studying the habits of some of the world’s most successful people, and learning about the psychology behind productivity, Barnaby worked out how to work less and achieve more, which he reveals in ​The Hard Work Myth.​

Barnaby credits the principles in The Hard Work Myth for helping him turn his flailing startup business into an award-winning multi-million-dollar enterprise, with a team of more than 600, operating in the U.K. and U.S.

Most importantly, the information in The Hard Work Myth also freed him up to spend more quality time with his two favorite people, his kids Maisy and Harry.


During Covid-19, I'm giving away 1,000 copies of my book for free (it's $13.97 on Amazon). I'm asking for a small contribution towards the shipping cost.


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